Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Sensory Garden

A Sensory Garden is a calming environment where visuals, sounds & aromas evoke relaxation and tranquility.

Can you create a Sensory Area, if I don't have a garden?

Yes, we are able to tailor any space available, large or small.

My child tends to focus on on object / character, What can you do to enhance their enjoyment?

Life Force Support creates a bespoke solution for each and every individual, of any age. This can include using lighting, music, water and colours.

My elderly mother is coming to live with us, can you help adapt my home for her comfort?

Absolutely! We can consult with you to find the best solutions and aids to enable you to assist and care for her needs.

My child is now 19 and has recently moved into a wheelchair, can you help as we need to adapt our bathroom?

Yes, we work with a team of expert companies who can quickly and easily convert your bathroom into a wet room (if necessary). If this option isn't for you, we also have a number of different options available.

How much would a consultation with you cost

We would like to hear all about your needs and what you are looking to achieve, so please contact us.

My child has just been diagnosed with autism and I am unsure what kinds of toys are suitable for her. Can you advise?

We have a huge range of toys to help stimulate and focus children. We also ensure they are helpful for their development. We would be happy to discuss the areas of your child's need and abilities with you.