In 2007 Dawn’s world changed dramatically when she was told her beautiful new born 7lb baby had Down Syndrome, talipes, 7mm VSD hole in his heart and an imperforated anus.

Things moved very quickly and before long Tate had over eleven operations to rectify his complications.

Now aged thirteen he is thriving, cheeky and loving life!

Dawn is completely aware of the pressures, the hard work, the endless hospital appointments and medication that comes with having a child / young adult with special needs.

Dawn and Wendy decided to join forces to make a formidable team. With their wealth of experience they now help and support others in the same or similar situations. Creating calming spaces and wellbeing, whatever your budget. They offer assistance and support when choosing the right adaptations and disability aids. Life Force Support, our trusted contractors and tradespeople understand the pressure of changes in your environment. With this in mind they guide you through every step of any undertaking with care, understanding and reassurance.

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