Wendy’s son Sam had Sanfilippo Syndrome which is extremely rare, affecting the brain and the nervous system (amongst many other issues that come with Sanfilippo).

Sam had to rely on his Mother more and more as he got older, as he lost his ability to speak, walk and his everyday abilities. His behaviour became unpredictable and he regularly suffered seizures. Sam finally ended up wheelchair bound and Wendy cared for him 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Sadly, Wendy lost Sam six years ago, a week before his 26th birthday. That hasn’t stopped Wendy from wanting to reach out to others and share her years of experience of caring for Sam. Though her loss is still and will always be raw, Wendy meets each day with positivity and has sought solace in her partnership with Dawn and Life Force Support.

Dawn and Wendy decided to join forces to make a formidable team. With their wealth of experience they now help and support others in the same or similar situations. Creating calming spaces and wellbeing, whatever your budget. They offer assistance and support when choosing the right adaptations and disability aids. Life Force Support, our trusted contractors and tradespeople understand the pressure of changes in your environment. With this in mind they guide you through every step of any undertaking with care, understanding and reassurance.

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